5 Creative Ways to Upcycle Your Baby Clothes

| February 10, 2013
see how at makeit-loveit.com

see how at makeit-loveit.com

5 Creative Ways to Upcycle Your Baby ClothesGuest post by David Copley


Upcycle Your Baby Clothes and make them live on. In a realistic sense, recycling is only just beginning to catch on with the masses as something that they not only should be doing but could be doing with relative ease. Some are not particularly interested in eco-concerns and others are not entirely convinced that their ‘bit’ will make much of a difference – all in all a recipe for ignorance.

However, one thing that pretty much every parent can agree on is that anything with the potential to save money and at the same time helping the environment can’t be a bad thing – a good saving should never go untapped. So, when it comes to baby clothes and accessories, why not look into the idea of upcycling next time around – that being revamping or re-birthing them as something entirely different?

Consider the following examples of some of the most common and creative ways to upcycle your baby clothes and give a second lease of life to those old Baby Clothes:


Sweaters into Hats

Any sweater that has recently given up the goose in terms of usability can easily be converted into darling little hats with no more than a few stitches. And given the fact that a hat demands considerably less material than a sweater, it doesn’t matter if most of said sweater looks like it’s been through the wars and back several time over. Go for a simple beanie design using two pieces of material with a line of stitching up the centre.

Blankets into Legwarmers

Blankets are for obvious reasons subject to some serious punishment at the hands of the fidgety baby, but there’s no reason to throw out a whole blanket just because parts of it are damaged, worn or stained beyond recognition. Just as long as you can find enough material to cut out a couple of rectangle shapes, these can be rolled into tubes and stitches so as to create leg-warmers for pretty much any season the year round. Waste not, want not!

Anything into Booties

The great thing about baby booties is that it really doesn’t matter what they look like or the material they’re made of – they’re painfully cute by definition! As such, feel free to use the slightest bit of any available material to make your own rustic bootie designs that cannot fail to look absolutely darling and breathe new life into something you’d otherwise have binned!

Wool into Nappy Covers

Any wool garments looking like they’ve seen better days can be easily made into nappy covers – perfect for keeping little bottoms warm on cold days. Simply make a rough underwear shape large enough to over a nappy and avoid shelling out extra money on something that will not doubt be destroyed in a matter of days.

Anything into Toys

Last but not least, nothing is cuter than an adorable patchwork or ramshackle stuffed toy, created from the odds and ends rescued from otherwise worn out clothes. From puppets to finger-mice to teddies and anything else your imagination can dream up, they don’t have to look pristine and showroom worthy to give your baby weeks, months or even years of fun and comfort.


By David Copley

David Copley is a stay-at-home father of three, who lives with his wife at the family home in Oxford. His previous role as managing director of an eco-friendly Baby Clothes manufacturer sparked his vested interest in recycling and reusing anything and everything as part of responsible parenthood.


If you have any great upcycling ideas, we would love to hear about it! Please share in the comments or send me an email at: thegogreenguy@gogreenamericatv.com and we can feature you and your ideas in an upcoming post here at GoGreenAmericaTV!


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