5 Last minute tips for a Green Super Bowl Gathering!

| February 5, 2012

Today New England and New York will do battle in Indianapolis. A rematch of Super Bowl XLII where the Giants stunned the Patriots after their iconic unbeaten season.

And the Super Bowl XLVI is stepping up its greening efforts – with everything from composting to charging stations to green energy offsets.

If you’re having a Super Bowl party hopefully you can find a few ways to make it a little more Green!

For starters although a little late – hopefully you used an e-vite, mass text or e-mail to invite your guest, it is a Green start!

Here are 5 more tips to make your Super Bowl Green!

1. Have guest make their favorite snack, that they can make at home. Avoid packaged snack foods and buy local when possible:

Pre-packaged sides and snacks are full of preservatives and unpronounceable ingredients as well as yucky plastic packaging that fills up our landfills. If you can’t cook, bring organic bagged lettuce, organic dressing, a big bowl and you’ve brought a healthy side everyone will appreciate here are some recipes for healthy, delicious snack alternatives

2. Use reusable dishware:

You can even ask guests to bring their own plates, utensils and glasses! But if you’re not in the dish washing mood and want to conserve water, opt for eco-friendly, 100% compostable dishes, napkins and utensils instead.

3. Drink Green:

If you are having beer, get a keg and use glasses – no waste, for soft drinks and juices also use two liter bottles, avoid buying bottled waters or sodas. If you do have cans or bottles, provide a recycle bin!

4. Avoids onetime use decorations:

If you feel the need to decorate, use items that you can re-use or items that you already have. Invite friends to bring items that they have around the house. Store bought decorations for single use are a disaster for landfills. Think of all of the parties across the country who will buy loads of useless paper decorations that will be used for a few hours and then placed in the trash bin!

5. Clean up responsibly:

This means using your dishwasher at night, separating recyclable trash into proper bins, using non-toxic cleaners, and send friends home with left over food so as not to waste it.

Most of all have a fun, safe party and enjoy time with friends and family!

Keep it simple and keep it Green! We can’t change the world over night be we can start the wheels of change in motion by making even the smallest of Green Choices.

Oh Yeah! Go Patriots!

sorry I’m from New England had to put that in there.

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  1. John says:

    I enjoyed myself during this year’s Super Bowl just because of the idea it tried to express – protecting local farming and the environment. I think Canada should find some inspiration in it and make these issues part of our national celebrations and other events as well. For example, in Toronto organic farming is supported by a large number of organizations but the organic food sector still needs promotion and as we saw this year’s Super Bowl was a perfect occasion to do this.

  2. Great points John, let’s hope that we are waking up and taking note as a whole and start paying more attention to
    the farmers and producers who are doing things the Right way, Organic!