Got Rodents? Get rid of them naturally!

| April 26, 2012


Got Rodents? Fresh Cab Natural Rodent Repellant from Earthkind

Dealing with rodent infestation can be an incredibly frustrating. They scurry through the walls of your home, gnaw holes in bags and boxes in your pantry, and leave feces on your shelves. It’s disgusting. Unsettling.

Getting rid of them after they’ve already invaded your home or business can feel like an uphill battle. And traditional methods of removal are unsafe and downright inhumane.

Rodents are unhealthy, dangerous and destructive creatures, but the traditional methods you use to get rid of them might be worse!

Here are some facts to know about mice and rats:

  1. Rodents bite hundreds of thousands of people each year, from babies to adults, although most incidences involve children.
  2. Mice can jump up 18 inches into the air.  Rats can drop 50 feet and survive.  Rats can also swim great distances and against the current, travelling in sewer lines into your home.
  3. The USFDA destroys over 400,000 tons of food each year (equivalent to about $400 million) due to contamination from rodent droppings.
  4. If you see one mouse, you can be certain there are more you don’t see!

Now that spring is approaching us you may be one of the unfortunate people who goes to unpack your summer clothes, or break out the walking shoes, only to find them stinky, messy, and completely unbearable. Or maybe you open up your cabin, camper, or farm equipment to find it destroyed by mouse droppings and chewed up seats, wiring, carpet, and more!

If you have or ever have had a Rodent infestation, you know just how frustrating it can be to deal with.

Over 90% of the products available to get rid of rodent problems are dangerous poisons or inhumane traps that may pose serious health risks to you, your family, your pets, wildlife and even the environment.

No need for poisons and traps, you can rid your home from rodents naturally with Fresh Cab from EarthKind. It is an Eco – Friendly solution to rodent problems.

Get rid of rodents and keep them out The Green way with the Fresh Cab® pouch, the first & only EPA registered for indoor use botanical rodent repellent.

Why should you use Fresh Cab?

  • Safe & Natural: Keep your kids and pets safe. We use 98% bio-based (natural) ingredients like natural oils, lavender, fir, cedar, lemon and clary sage. It is the only EPA registered botanical rodent repellent for indoor use.
  • Smells Great!: It adds a very pleasant fresh, woodsy scent to your home or business.
  • Added Value: Repels rodents and works as a freshener.
  • Easy to Use: Fresh Cab is National Home and Garden Club endorsed for Ease of Use. Simply place the pouches in infested areas to run off the rodents.
  • 100% Guaranteed: We offer you an ironclad 100% money back guarantee!

That’s right! No Mice Guaranteed!

Fresh Cab keeps mice out! For preventative use in non-infested areas, simply place one pouch for every 125 sq. feet, scent lasts up to 90 days. For use in currently infested areas, increase use to 1 pouch per 8 sq. feet of floor space and replace every 30 days.

Be sure to visit EarthKind to see what others have to say about the Fresh Cab pouches and to find a retailer near you.
Keep your home, garage, barn and even storage shed Rodent free and smelling fresh!

Green solutions are out there, we just have to find them!

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  1. Francis Bosah says:

    The pest industry world over will certainly be revolutionized once the efficacy of this forward-looking, non-impacting innovation is confirmed. In my capacity as a non-toxic pest management innovator and pesticide activist, I would personally do all I could to cascade this,to prove to environmental maniacs that there are amply available safe, non-impacting, and far more effective alternatives to synthetic chemical pesticides.

    Yes, if authenticated, this is going to be yet another addition to the ever growing arsenal of safe, non-impacting, and far more effective alternatives.


    The only non-verbal, confrontational way to run traditional chemical pesticides out of the market (ultimately detoxing the overly assaulted earth’s life-forms)is to innovate more of this type of product.

  2. Francis
    you are right on here, thank you for the comment

  3. This is a very important topic, for which toxics are often used when they don’t need to be.
    It is so exciting to know of a natural, HERBAL product.
    Real Question: What, tough is in the 2% of ingredients not included in the natural 98% ?

    Alisa Rose
    Eco Feng Shui & Garden Designer
    Graceful Lifestyles Designer/Consultant
    Certified Green Building Professional, GreenAp
    Build It Green CEU Educator
    NYR Organic Skin Care