Mac-n-Mo’s, not just a name, it’s a Healthy Treat!

| September 5, 2011

Mac-n-Mo’s Morselicious Treats were created out of love

by Mo (that’s me) for Mac (that’s my Dad).

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved to bake. In fact, I was a Blue Ribbon Prize Winner in the 4-H Food Group in Sacramento, CA.

As an adult, I continued to play with recipes making them healthier and always cutting the sugar in half. After my Dad’s two heart attacks and quadruple bypass surgery in February, 2010, a new challenge presented itself. Baking without SALT! Low sugar and NO salt? How in the world was this possible?

Dad’s operation was successful, and he was discharged with very clear and strict dietary guidelines. To further complicate things, Dad is a diabetic.

Low salt, low fat, low sugar, low cholesterol, no trans fat, more fiber. None of this, some of that. More of this, less of that. You get the picture.

Dad’s new diet proved to be a giant challenge, and he craved baked goods and sweets.

After catching Dad sneaking a Snickers Bar in the laundry room, I knew we were up for a bigger challenge. Keeping him healthy and HAPPY!  After confiscating the half eaten Snickers Bar, one Saturday morning, Dad begged me to create a treat that he COULD eat.

Mom and I went to several grocery stores, and I searched for as many tasty “legal” ingredients as I could find.

I didn’t want to use preservatives or ANY sweeteners, and since I can’t eat wheat, I told my Dad, ”If I’m going to all this trouble to create a ‘guilt-free’ treat, I want to be able to enjoy it, too!”


By the third store, Mom asked, “What in the world do you plan on making with all this?” Shrugging my shoulders, I replied, “I have no idea, but I’m going to do my best to create something extra special (new translation: MORSELCIOUS) for Dad.”

After mixing many batches, we found a winner.  Mom, my sister, and I devoured them and most importantly, Dad relished each morsel, exclaiming, “These are DELICIOUS!”

(again, new translation: MORSELICIOUS!)

 I’m striving to change thoughts like, “If it’s good for you, it must taste like cardboard.” I made sure my morsels were extra moist, not an easy task with limited fats, etc.

I shared some with friends, and soon I was taking order requests.

A store in L.A. called me to place an order and for months I kept saying,

“No. This is not my business. I just made these for my Dad.  I’m an actor.”

After months of resisting, my sister finally asked, “what if someone else starts a company doing this. Will you kick yourself? Why not give it a try?”

Thus, Mac-n-Mo’s Morselicious Treats were born.

I feel like I’ve been playing catch up ever since starting the company late December, 2010 and what a ride it’s been!! I’m still a one woman operation and actively seeking investors to help with moreseling, marketing, delivering, distribution, demos, accounting, baking, scooping, developing, creating, tweeting, posting, sharing, linking, networking, tasting, testing …you name it.


Mac-n-Mo’s Morselicious Treats are Gluten Free/Vegan/NO Sodium/1 g Sugar/ NO GMO’s /All Natural/Preservative Free- TASTY Morsels!!!

I make my own flour out of Brown Rice, Almonds, Unsweetened Coconut and Flax Seeds.  Other ingredients include Pure Pumpkin and Vegan Chocolate Chips.

Pumpkin Cranberry Morsels will be available during the holidays.


Maura (Mo) also writes a daily blog as Mo, the Morselist sharing her recipe creations, healthy living tips and fun & inspiring stories & interviews.

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Mac-n-Mo’s  can be ordered online and found in Retail Stores in Southern California:

Mother’s Market

Santa Ana

Costa Mesa

Laguna Woods
Full O’ Life



Coopportunity (Co op)
Santa Monica


Vicente Foods

Coming Soon (VERY soon)

Whole Foods Market


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