Say No To BPA! Help urge the FDA to ban the use of BPA in all food packaging!

| March 25, 2012

Tell the FDA: No BPA in food packaging!

On March 31st, the FDA will decide whether or not to continue allowing Bisphenol A (BPA) to be used in food packaging.

Why do we want to remove this chemical?

Here are some reasons:

Scientists have linked Bisphenol A (BPA) to a higher incidence of heart disease, diabetes and liver abnormalities in adults as well as brain and hormone development problems in fetuses and young children. Other tests have shown that bisphenol A can promote human breast cancer cell growth, decrease sperm counts in rats, and cause erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems in men.

While the toxic chemical was recently banned in California from being used in baby bottles and sippy cups, thanks to the lobbying of the American Chemistry Council and other chemical manufacturers BPA continues to be allowed in food and beverage packaging, including the lining in much canned food and soup.

After their products were confirmed to have some of the highest BPA levels among canned foods tested in independent research, consumers have been calling upon Campbell’s to stop using bisphenol A (BPA) in their popular canned soups. Linked to breast cancer in over 130 studies as well as diabetes, hardening of the arteries, and depression, BPA is comprising the health of many. Campbell’s drops BPA, it is a Victory that may lead to a bigger victory.

The news comes just after it was announced that the FDA may soon ban the usage of BPA within the United States. With the final decision coming by March 31, the agency said that it is actually considering a ban on BPA usage in all food packaging and it is about time.

A growing number of countries already have similar bans of  BPA including:

The European Union, Turkey, and other nations banned BPA from baby bottles as far back as 2008.

In 2007, Canada took a stand against BPA and banned it from baby bottles

Denmark has banned BPA in baby food products.

Japan has taken action against using BPA in can linings.

and just last month France France banned the use of BPA in all food packaging

It is time to take a stand, be heard and make sure that the FDA does the right thing.

The FDA has the power to finally put a stop to BPA in our food. It needs to stand up to industry pressure and protect us from this dangerous chemical.

Please join me in urging the FDA to ban BPA in food packaging. Learn more and sign the petition here:

I signed it,will you?

Just doing my part to help the Planet and the health of all who live on it!

Thank you!

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