Teaching Children: Why Conserve Energy?

| August 25, 2012

Teaching Kids to Conserve and Respect Energy

a guest post by Trina Hayworth
We need to explain to our children that conserving and respecting energy is a very important thing. Our children need to know that our common source of energy has always been fossil fuels and now we have to change that. If we don’t move to other sources, we will never save the Earth from being so polluted.

Conserving energy should be a habit our children get used to, and as parents it’s our job to teach them just that. We teach our children other habits like brushing their teeth, washing their hands good before they eat, how to tie their shoes and other good hygiene habits. In the same manner, we have to teach them how and why to conserve energy. How can you do this?

Teach your children the basic fundamentals of conserving energy. Let them know why it’s important to use energy very efficiently, how to reduce consumption of energy and how to use renewable energy sources instead of non-conventional sources.

Your children probably realize that the car is the normal mode of transportation. Tell your kids to think about how we rely on cars and talk about alternatives you can use to save energy by not taking the car. What about walking to the bus stop instead of driving to school, riding their bikes to the supermarket? Talk about how you should combine trips to the supermarket and instead of going three or four times a week, you should make only one trip and save energy. Let them know that switching from a car to a bike is not only healthy for them but it helps to protect the environment.

We lose so much of the heat in our homes through walls and ceilings that are poorly insulated. We can probably save about $500 a year in energy costs if we insulate our homes better. Talk to your children about how the temperatures differ in your home. Have them feel the walls in the house and tell you which ones are warmer and which are cooler? Ask them how the temperature upstairs differs from the temperatures downstairs.

Teaching Through Pictures
Kids love to draw and pictures and art can teach our children lots of things. All kids learn how to draw a house when they first begin drawing. Have them draw a home for you and have the rooftop have solar cells on it instead of the conventional roof. Talk to them about the importance of solar energy and how it works. Let them print the letter S on top of the house to remember this is a Solar Energy house. Have no curtains drawn on the house and teach your children that using natural daylight instead of turning the lights on in the home is a better way to save energy. Do this yourself at home. Try not to use your electricity at home and stick to night time for turning on lights. Open blinds and windows during the day time and let that daylight shine and be your light!

Teaching your kids the fundamentals of conserving energy can go a long way for them in the future. Make things a habit for your children and they will grow up doing these same things as adults.

Trina Hayworth writes about parenting, green living & more at http://flowerdelivery.net.

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