The Go Green Guy’s – Another 19 items that you didn’t know you could recycle!

| July 6, 2012

So here we are again, who knew you could recycle that?

You have been trying to reduce your consumption, reusing things as often as you can and now you have some questions on recycling.

Not so long ago I brought you The Go Green Guys 19 items you may not know that you can recycle!

This was a very popular post and we had some fun with it.

So much so that here we go again:

The Go Green Guy’s – Another 19 items that you didn’t know you could recycle:

1. Yogurt cups –   Through Preserve’s Gimme 5 program, you can recycle your #5 plastics—a kind of plastic that many towns and cities won’t recycle. Preserve transforms yogurt cups into toothbrushes and take-out containers into cutting boards—and a lot of other great looking, high performance products for your bathroom, table, and kitchen. Preserve Gimme 5 bins can be found at the following Whole Foods Market stores and other select locations.

2. Compact fluorescent bulbs:   Old CFL bulbs, those swirl bulbs that are saving us loads of energy must be properly disposed of. They can be taken to many stores such as, Homedepot, Lowe’s, to locate other locations visit or,  in Canada try

3. Cardboard boxes: You can offer up used cardboard boxes at your local list service or on for others who may need them for moving or storage. If you or your  workplace collects at least 1000 boxes or more each month, accepts them for resale.

4. PAINT:  what do you do with the half-empty cans of latex paint. Don’t let them pile up in the garage, recycle old latex paint into brand new recycled paint. Manufacturers can mix together paint from different cans and produce new product that is often cheaper than virgin paint. States such as California even list recycled paint retailers near you.You can also search for disposal centers on I even know some eco artist that get their paint from disposal centers for all their painting needs.

5. Holiday Lights: According to the U.S. Department of Energy, ten incandescent strands running all night produces 300 pounds of CO2 versus 30 pounds with LED lights which means it would cost about $6-10 per season to light your tree with three strands of incandescents versus only 13-17 cents with LEDs. Make the switch and will recycle your incandescent lights for you. Home Depot even has a trade in program for Christmas lights

6. Roof Shingles: your old asphalt roofing shingles can be recycled and used to make hot-mix asphalt used in road construction, cold patch for repairing potholes, even manufacturing of new shingles. For a recycle locations got to

7. Bras: Do you have old bras in your drawer, don’t throw them in the trash, in the US send them to, in the UK try Bra Appeal through

8. Snack wrappers, drink pouches and Chip bags: What? We have often been told that these items were not recyclable, but upcycling company TerraCycle has made a name of creatively reusing these snack wrappers, drink pouches, candy wrappers and chip bags. The company turns them into school supplies, bags, toys, pet products, household cleaner bottles and even materials for your garden.

You can  even make some extra cash by sending in your “trash” to Terracycle. Drop it off at one of the thousands of participating locations or join a brigade to raise money for a school or nonprofit organization.

9. Six-Pack beverage rings: Not meant to end up in landfills, water ways or our oceans, but they all too often do. Recycle them! they are made of plastic #4 (LDPE) which can be recycled in programs that accept

Don’t let this happen! Recycle!

low-density polyethylene resin.

If your curbside recycling program is limited to plastics #1 and #2, or limits the types of LDPE accepted, consider getting a group collection together and participating in the Hi-Cone Ring Leader Recycling Program.

10. Cooking Oil: The fact is cooking oil is household plumbings biggest nightmare. Too many of us just pour it down the drain. Not only is this the #1 cause of stopped up sewer pipes it is also harmful to the environment, wildlife and can damage sewer pipes and sewer systems. Thankfully due to it’s value to the bio-fuel industry, there has been an increase in value to recycling cooking oil! But where do you take it? Go to and search for a location near you!

11. Gift cards, Hotel keys old Library cards: All of those old plastic cards that fill up your junk drawer, your wallet and eventually the trash can. Earthworks  recycles them, and turns them into new sheets of stock material to be used again and again!

12. Wetsuits: Your old wetsuit getting worn out, stinky? Or do you just need the coolest and newest on the market? What do you do with the old one? Don’t throw it in the trash, hand it down to someone to reuse, warmcurrent is a non-profit that works with under served communities through kids surfing programs and charitable donations of recycled wetsuits and surfboards. You can also send your neoprene to be recycled and repurposed at For Austrailia, Switzerland, Germany, France and Europe see Neo Combine is a non-profit that cares about the ocean and nature. They recycle old wetsuits into cool new bracelets.

13. Ink /toner and cartridges: there are many options available and some will even pay you for your used ink/toner cartridges as well as cell phones and other electronics. Online try Advantage Cartridge , with mail in programs, You can also take used cartridges to office depot, staples, office max, etc… click the links to find out more about specific programs. Don’t throw it away, help the environment and your wallet! Recycle!

14. Oil: save money by changing your own oil and safely discard the used oil by locating a recycle location. Learn more at and for a recycle location near you, go to

15. Pantyhose/tights: Don’t throw them away, No Nonsense collects all brands of hose, tights, and knee highs to be recycled into other products.

16. Wire clothes hangers: The best thing to do with them is return them to your dry cleaner they can usually re-use them if not they can send back to supplier to be recycled. Many drop-off recycling centers will accept wire hangers in their mixed-metals bin, but be sure to ask your recycling company before dropping them in your recycling container.

17. Yoga Mats: ever wonder what to do with your old yoga mat? Try!

18. Brita Filters: Once again our friends at Preserve Gimme 5, some Whole Foods have a Gimme 5 program and collect them (as well as other #5 plastics, like yogurt containers) to be recycled into toothbrushes via the “Gimme 5” program. Check with your local Whole Foods or click the link above.

19. Tennis Balls: Yep! Put the bounce back in those old tennis balls and Green your game with With Rebounces Green Tennis Machine, you can restore dead tennis balls back to their original bounce.



Just remember that if you are not sure what do do with an old item, try, or just do an internet search, you’ll be surprised what you can find out.

Until next time, just remember Green is more than just a color

it’s a way of life, live it, but live it your way!

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  1. Marz says:

    This is a great list. It reminds me of a similar article about all the things around your home you may not know are compostable.

  2. Thank you for commenting, I am sure that is quite a list, also there are probably quite a few things that people put into compost piles tha should be in there,
    I would like to see that list myself