Top 10 Natural Stain Removers

| September 2, 2012

Oops I did it again!  Spaghetti, red wine, ink – you name it I’ve spilled it, dropped it or otherwise drenched myself in it.  Messy is my middle name.  So becoming a semi-expert in cleaning up stains was on the must do list.  Here are my top 10 favorite natural stain removers and cleaning secrets for clothes.

1.  Alcohol – not the drinking kind.  Alcohol removes ink stains like magic.  Just dab a little on the mark with a cotton swab or ball. If it’s a large spot you may need to repeat the process several times.

2. Cream of Tarter and Lemon Juice. The perfect whitener and spot treatment for white clothes, just make a paste, apply to the spot, then wash as usual.  Bonus tip – Mixing lemon juice and salt  works for mildew, treat the area with the mixture and lay the clothes in the sun to dry.

3. Spill sauce on your fav dress at the restaurant?  Ask for a glass of club soda and a towel.  It will diminish the stain and keep it from setting until you can get it laundered properly.  

4. Blood stains, eeew…..if it isn’t already bad enough then you can’t get the color out.   First rinse as soon as possible in cold water, then try hydrogen peroxide.  Soak the area until stain is gone then wash as usual.

5. Ring around the collar – regular shampoo will work great – even the cheap kind.  Just pour a little on the area, rub it in, then launder as you normally would.  Shampoo also works great for removing cosmetics and mud.

6. Most of that last glass of red wine end up on your shirt?  First sprinkle with salt to keep it from setting until you can treat the stain.  When you are ready to remove (the sooner the better) mix hydrogen peroxide and liquid detergent, apply to the stain and abracadabra, bye bye stain. 

7. Grease – liquid detergent.  I happen to like Dawn the best to remove oily accidents.  Just apply full strength and gently rub, then rinse and wash as usual.  Hint – don’t put it in the dryer until you’re sure the stain is removed or it could be set in by the heat.

8. Love your red lipstick,  just not on your shirt or his collar?  For a quick removal if you are out and about try rubbing the spot with bread – seriously.  If you are at home liquid detergent will work wonders.

9. Grass stains on the little ones jeans?  Try toothpaste – paste not the gel kind.  Use a toothbrush to apply and gently scrub the green away.

10.  Vodka is my absolute (pun intended) new fav stain/odor treatment.  You know the shirt, the one that you thought was fine until about two hours after you’ve left the house?  Who smells?  Oh it’s me.   Vodka is the best perspiration smell/stain remover that I have found.  Soak the offending pit area in the booze, let it air dry then launder as usual.  I used this on a silk blouse recently, worked like a charm.  

Removing stains doesn’t always take expensive treatments or a professional, most stains can be removed at home, with natural, eco-friendly items that you probably already have in your cabinet.  

Be eco beautiful.



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